28 April 2010

What Time Is It?


If you are a fan of High School Musical, you know what I wanna say there. But it isn't quite summertime yet. Almost!

I've been crazy busy, but I've still managed to have some wonderful adventures and get a magnificent sunburn in the past week or so. Still wishin' I had put on some sunscreen... Bad choice! Since I'm running low on time and inspiring blog-post-ery, I'll leave you with a few photos of what I've been up to lately (other than writing papers. Bleh.)!

College Jordan and I wandered around with this magical yellow balloon and took pictures. We went into the cemetery... and some of the graves are sinking = gross.

My roommate Nicole and I went out to try a sandwich place nearby, and it was completely delicious! Plus the sandwiches were the size of your head. I had chicken salad and she had roasted sweet potato.

Here is a new project I'm working on... Hopefully at some point you can see it completed and wonderful. Perhaps an Etsy venture?

Are you making through the last few days of school? (My campus is having a "Cram Jam" tonight at midnight... we hear there will be breakfast foods and dessert.) :)

13 April 2010

Checking In: Is Summer Here Yet?

Hello friends!

How is life treating you lately? If you are a college student, I think I probably have a good idea of what you are thinking right now: "PLEASE, SEMESTER, PLEASE JUST END!"

I feel your pain! It seems like we are just so close, but yet, there is so much to be done in the next (three, for me) weeks. But I thought that I would post some happy things to give you some inspiration to keep on keepin' on, if you'll forgive the cliché.

But really, tell me! What's new with you, friends?

Some beeeeautiful dinnerware that I ogled shamelessly in Anthropologie. Like many of my budget-wary friends, I only own that initial mug from their store. It's so cute! Great for tea.

I went to a natural museum over Spring Break (I know that was a long time ago, but it was gorgeous!). On our way back home, the boyfriend and I stopped on the side of the road and almost got run over to snap some photos of my favorite flower. Goooorgeous.

Since I had just been at home for Spring Break, I decided not to venture homewards for Easter. But my most wonderful parents decided that they would come visit! They haven't been up to campus this year, so they came up, and on the last day they were here, we did a hike into a volcanic crater! Pretty impressive!

So, tell me. How are you doing? Swimming in final papers and studying for exams? Praying? (That's become my method of pre-study cramming. I do pray for other reasons too though!) Fill me in on your lives!

06 April 2010

Lifting Up

In general, my family has always attended pretty traditional churches (Church of Christ, if you are wondering): a.k.a.; a capella, pretty reserved worship and singing, lots of standing and sitting through the service, and communion every sunday.

I will preface this by saying worship (here, singing) is my favorite part of church. I loooove it.

However, at InterVarsity, I've experienced a little different kind of worship. We do have a worship team that includes a few singers, a keyboard, drums, and several different bass and acoustic guitars (oh, and a banjo and violin sometimes too!).

But what is very different to me is the way that people respond to the worship, and to God, during our worship time. People with their hands palm up to the sky, one arm above their heads, both arms outstretched and all sorts of variations on that. Not everyone does it, and it's not for everyone anyway, but I do notice it quite often.

Why would I write about a personal thing like how people respond to worship?

Because I am totally blessed by seeing these people so moved by God and his presence. Though I've never been much of an arm-raiser, when I see my peers and classmates and friends worshipping God fully, it just fills my heart right to the brim. Though part of it lies in the fact that I know that I share in God's blessings with these people, another part is that a lot of adults who are our parents age and older seem to think that we college students are a bunch of hoodlums. But when I see the person a few seats down from me singing their heart out with their hands lifted up, I know that isn't true.

So if you think you might offend someone, or that it might not be appropriate for you to respond to God in a physical, visible way - go ahead - there might be someone just like me watching and waiting to be blessed.

God is good. :)