28 April 2010

What Time Is It?


If you are a fan of High School Musical, you know what I wanna say there. But it isn't quite summertime yet. Almost!

I've been crazy busy, but I've still managed to have some wonderful adventures and get a magnificent sunburn in the past week or so. Still wishin' I had put on some sunscreen... Bad choice! Since I'm running low on time and inspiring blog-post-ery, I'll leave you with a few photos of what I've been up to lately (other than writing papers. Bleh.)!

College Jordan and I wandered around with this magical yellow balloon and took pictures. We went into the cemetery... and some of the graves are sinking = gross.

My roommate Nicole and I went out to try a sandwich place nearby, and it was completely delicious! Plus the sandwiches were the size of your head. I had chicken salad and she had roasted sweet potato.

Here is a new project I'm working on... Hopefully at some point you can see it completed and wonderful. Perhaps an Etsy venture?

Are you making through the last few days of school? (My campus is having a "Cram Jam" tonight at midnight... we hear there will be breakfast foods and dessert.) :)


  1. That Cram Jam was wonderful. We must remember to take part again next year...though maybe not quite as heartily.

    My hands smell like sugar free syrup.

  2. oooo, i love those paper flowers! i might have to copy that for my China journal design...
    ps- you're supah cool :}

  3. Jordan: Yes, toning down our breakfast pizza consumption might be good!

    Jenny: Why thank you!
    ps: you're super cool tooo. :)