29 August 2010

Homebody: Clean Slate

Welcome! This post marks the first in a series that will document my journey through redecorating my bedroom. While my dorm room usually gets a lot of attention -- I do live in it nearly 2/3rds of the year -- it's high time for my room at home to get all jazzed up!

I've been hoping to redecorate my room for quite a while now in fact, picking up little pieces and favorite things along the way, but before any of those things can make their way into my room, everything else has to come out! So here's some photos of almost everything cleared out!

There, you are looking at panorama of my room. As you can see, some things aren't going to move -- my bed, dresser, desk and mirror/jewelry box on the right. But the art above and to the left of the window will be removed.
Here is what I've got to work with...

And here is my big blank wall above my bed -- doesn't it just scream "Hang something on me!"?
So I'm pretty excited about the potential, but still a little stuck on what should go where. In light of that -- hit me with your ideas! I would love to know what you think would look cool.
Fill me in with your comments below!

27 August 2010

The Kickoff!

Wondering what I've been up to lately?
Well, beginning on Tuesday, Intervarsity hosted their annual Pre-fall Conference, where leaders and staff get together to refocus and plan out the vision for the fall semester. We had a great time together as a group, but more importantly, it's obvious that big things will be happening on the campus for God this semester. It's exciting!

On Thursday morning the bunch of us got together and helped Freshman move into various dorms throughout the campus -- people were super thankful and that was great, but we also got to comfort a few freshman who were a little worried about leaving home. I remember that feeling! Now that they have a few friends in us, our chapter of IV can help them build the community that they will need as they go through school. That afternoon, my roommate Jordan and I moved in to our very new dorm room -- after finding out that our previously assigned room had a leak above that led to full bathroom remodel. (Our third roommate Amy moved in this morning!)

Today? Well, a whole lotta nothin'! The rest of my weekend will consist of regular school preparation things like picking up my books (and for my overly-organized-self, printing my class schedule and also writing it in my agenda). Not to mention our bonfire the day before school starts! It should be a great kickoff to an even better year.

Two funny notes:
  • Our new room is wheelchair accessible, because it was the only available room. Meaning that we have a HUGE shower. Cool, right?
  • Our new room also has a tiny set of shelves, which we have decided is perfect for books and toilet paper. I'll have to post a photo. It's fantastic!

18 August 2010

Birthday Bash!

Well friends, today I am the big 21!
For me, since I'm not super excited to be able to drink, its not too different from any other birthday, but I love birthdays all the same! Tonight my family and I plan on a delish dinner at Olive Garden (I love that place!). I already got a gift (one of two, I hear!) from my boyfriend -- the pilates ball I have been wanting! I need to improve my posture, and I'm hoping that will help.

But I don't want it to be all about me (even if it is my birthday) so here is a gift for you!

So here's the sitch:

  • The winner of this giveaway will receive their choice of either two (2) ribbon headbands in their choice of color/style from the available options or two (2) rice heating pillows in colors of their choice (as available).
  • To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment, only one entry per person please. Be sure you leave an email so I can contact you if you win!
  • Entries will be counted until 4 pm MST, Friday the 20th of August. Winner will be announced shortly thereafter!
Just as a sneak peek, here are the style options for your headband if you are the winner -- folded or flowered! Color options are Pink, Cream or Black.

For the heating pillows, I'll just take some color suggestions and go from there.

Excited? I hope to have lots of entries!

Here is our winner: Alison!!

13 August 2010

Hey Honey: Mauve or Magenta?

In a lot of media sources like TV/Film and radio, there is a stereotype that implies that men (husbands or boyfriends) don't care or are useless when it comes to home decorating.

You've probably seen it on a sitcom or romantic comedy at some point: the woman decorates an entire house without a drip of input from the man. In defense of some fictional women, they don't all steamroll their significant others -- some ask for an opinion only to be met by a disinterested grunt or a placatory "Honey, I'm sure I'll like whatever you choose!"

Evidently, I let the stereotype get into my head, because I recently helped my mother choose new bedding and bathroom accessories for my parents master bedroom suite. I was surprised by my Dad's input -- he had a lot to say about it! Even one of my regular reads blogs is a couple who works on their house together... I guess I had this one coming.

Funny enough, I shouldn't be surprised, because my own boyfriend has plenty of opinions about what does and doesn't look good: from my plans for redecorating my room to what shoes look best. (Sorry, he doesn't do outside consultations. :)

Any stereotypes get the best of you?

11 August 2010

Photo of the Week: Chillin'

Anybody else feeling the summer heat a little too strong lately?

Here's where I'd like to be:

Sans English-major-eating Polar Bear, preferably.
Stay cool, friends.

09 August 2010


Being a writer, I process best through writing down my thoughts. Because of this, I keep a couple journals -- one for everyday stuff: what I'm doing, what I think about the weather or what's been going on lately. My other journal is a prayer journal. I jot down bible verses I want to remember, notes from sermons and other messages and my thoughts on what I'm reading (remember I'm trying to read the whole bible this year?).

It's neat to flip back through and see what I've learned this year, as well as pick up on things that I mention repeatedly. Something that has been coming up often in my most recent entries is the word "cycle". (My apologies to everyone who thought this post would be about Bicycles.) As far as I can tell, a lot of the systems and situations God set up for us create cycles. Here are my thoughts and a couple examples of what I mean.

Financially supporting the church is an oft-discussed issue. Should you give, if so, how much and how often? Though it might seem in some places that the church is just asking for your cash every Sunday so they can buy the preacher a new convertible (this is a gross exaggeration), in fact, that money will come back to help you out. God made a system -- when you give to the church, and they help others, those others will give to the church and who knows when you may need that same help? Makes giving a little easier, right?

In 1 Corinthians 13, there is the famous section on the characteristics of love. These all function in a sort of cycle as well -- what you dish out; joy, humility, encouragment, self-control and forgiveness? These will be dished out to you in turn. It's not an accident that it works that way either. God planned things so that if we followed his plans that life would be a lot more enjoyable. We just need to get with it!

I'm working to get these things in order in my life. Any cycles you are familiar with?

04 August 2010

Computer Safety

Well, friends, I write to you from a computer not my own. Two days ago, a rather fishy looking "antivirus" alert popped up on my screen. Though I was suspicious, the alert was in fact a virus that had already downloaded itself onto my computer.

Though many of you know the easy ways to keep yourself and your computer safe while you are online -- don't ever share your login information, for example -- there are some other precautions you can take so that you don't end up like me.

Passwords: Though having a complicated password (upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols) is necessary and an oft-mentioned tip, it is also important to change your password regularly. If you work in a situation where you use a company computer program or are part of an organization with a central network, you probably are required to change your password every 90 or 120 days. However, you should take up this practice for all your passwords. Another quick password tip: try not to recycle passwords -- that is just making it easier for someone to guess it the second or third time you use it.

Updates: Though I'm sad to say that I hadn't taken my own advice here, it's very important that you keep your computer up-to-date. This means both the operating system your computer runs (Windows XP, in my case) and any security software you may have downloaded. I have had an update from Microsoft waiting on my computer for almost a year now because I wanted to back up my information before updating. That may have been a factor in my computer getting a virus. Unfortunately, you can never tell! Just be sure your computer is always updated.

Security: I won't recommend any specific programs or systems here, but lets just say there are a lot of options. You can pay for services like McAfee or Norton, or you can download a free service, like Avast. When my parents bought me my laptop a few years ago, they paid for McAfee on my computer, and it expired about the time I started school. However, the school required that I download their security system in order to use the wi-fi offered, and that system functions year-round. In any case, have a security system and update or scan regularly!

So overall, if any of these are news to you, I hope I can save you from a future mishap. Do you have any tips for me or any of the other readers here at RFP?