05 March 2010

100 in 2010

Drumroll Please...

Woohoo! Here is my list of 100 things that I plan to do in the year 2010.
Because there are a ton of neat things to do in and around my favorite cities that I just haven't made time for, I figure having a list will give me just enough motivation!

So here it is. I'm relying on you to keep me on track, and I'll give updates pretty regularly on how things are going. Some are easy, others are hard, some are a one time deal, others a process.

1. Buy Board Shorts
2. Improve in Photography
3. Bake a layer cake
4. Make an entire dinner on my own
5. Learn how to change a tire

6. Read at least 26 books for fun
7. Spend less money, more responsibly
8. Read the whole Bible
9. Create and use my own grocery bags
10. Start a shop on Etsy

11. Improve my GPA
12. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
13. Learn how to manage money!!
14. Let my hair grow!
15. Road Trip?

16. Read The Iliad
17. Have better posture
18. Buy Water Shoes
19. Be more ladylike
20. Be more Christ-like

21. Volunteer 6+ Times
22. Create A Thank you Note
23. Be a better Blogger
24. Get Organized
25. Get Healthy

26. Learn how to sew a dress
27. Make my own Halloween costume
28. Learn how to use Photoshop Elements (well)
29. Make new friends
30. Decorate my bedroom

31. Frame some favorite photos
32. Donate money regularly
33. Offer myself more
34. Be more outgoing
35. Become a better listener

36. Give more compliments
37. Learn how to accept a compliment (gracefully)
38. Become fluent in French
39. Journal twice a month
40. Try a new hobby/sport/anything!

41. Give handmade gifts (whenever possible!)
42. Write more letters
43. Write thank you notes
44. Do more baking
45. Try 6 new recipes

46. Try Painting
47. Crochet an entire blanket
48. Learn one new word a week
49. Write a letter every day for a month
50. Do 100 pushups in a row

51. Take a ballroom dance class
52. Have a theme party, for no reason
53. Learn the guitar
54. Donate Blood
55. Make a poster

56. Grow a veggie
57. Visit the Ostrich Ranch
58. Visit the Wildlife Park
59. Buy flowers for someone (who deserves them!)
60. Give a gift just because

61. Record a new voicemail message
62. Help a stranger
63. Hold a baby chick. :)
64. Go to a free observatory night
65. Get published

66. Save 1000 dollars, on my own.
67. Use the library!
68. Watch 8 classic movies ive never seen.
69. Learn to knit
70. Donate my work to charity.

71. Turn in a paper early
72. Tube the Salt River
73. Hike in 3 new places
74. Consolidate the dorm room
75. Join a club

76. Try a new ethnic food
77. Consider a youtube account
78. Commit to praying with a group
79. Choose a career
80. Sponsor a child

81. Make macarons
82. Learn how to change the oil
83. Visit school friends in the summer
84. Become more focused
85. See the arts!

86. Give my parents a gift
87. Get a summer job
88. Go horseback riding
89. Backup my computer
90. Work on my book

91. Reconnect with friends
92. Surprise people!
93. Go to a car show
94. Go to the botanical garden
95. Wear a fashion forward outfit

96. Make a meal for someone else
97. Rehabilitate a piece of furniture
98. Go the THE FAIR!
99. Take a day trip
100. Spend $0 for 2 months

Sorry this is soooo long! I'll explain more of each item as I get to doing them.
Do you have a list, or at least some goals? I hear people who have goals make more money...!

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