28 December 2011

Christmas Wishes

Hello friends! Merry Christmas! Did you enjoy your Christmas? I hope so.

Mine was lovely -- my brother and sister-in-law are in town, my granddad and his wife drove over to our place Christmas morning, and I got to ride a horse on Christmas Eve! It was a treat.

I know I'm technically a couple days late with the Christmas wishes, but I didn't think anyone would mind a little break between finals week and blogging about Christmas, right? Plus, I was busy as a bee sewing and crocheting Christmas presents. My mother had my nose to the grindstone. (Love her though!)

As great and fun as my Christmas was, it's not 24/7 peaches and cream and puppy dogs, if you know what I mean. I think everyone experiences this. When you get a lot of people with pasts (relatives) and put them in a pretty small place (your house) and then make them all stay in that place and interact (Christmas Eve, Christmas, parties -- you name it), eventually, even the sweetest group is gonna have some scuffles.

In light of that, I hope that you can find the patience and peace that you need in loving and understanding your family members. I only have one brother, and though sometimes I'd like to wring his (not so scrawny anymore) little neck, I love him and my sister-in-law to pieces. They really are some of the most important people in my life.

So here's to finishing out this fantastic season with both your brain and your families intact and thriving. Cheers!

15 December 2011


Yes, that may be the laziest title to a blog post in the history of this blog, but you know what?

(gilmore girls from pinterest)

Finally, it's time to kick back and enjoy this wonderful holiday season. Of course, for me, that means a lot a crafting and baking and hanging out with friends. I'll be busy, but the best kind of busy.

Anything you've been putting off until the holidays? Good book on your radar? Fill me in!

11 December 2011

Kimbra, Settle Down

Once in a while, I stumble upon a new (I use that loosely) artist that I just really fall in love with. Right now, that artist is Kimbra. Her song "Settle Down" was the free video on iTunes a few weeks ago, and I downloaded, and then forgot.

Then a friend posted this video (thank you, arthur) of Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye, and I remembered that she was really interesting! So I watched everything she's got on youtube, and let me tell you -- not only is she really pretty, her songs are smart and beautiful. Plus, we kind of dance the same, so that's encouraging. Watch this, it's fun:

How great, huh? You should watch the video for "Settle Down" as well, its very intriguing and evocative.

Are you hooked? Her EP, also titled Settle Down, is available. It's totally on my Christmas list.

(PS: She's Australian. Cool, right?)

10 December 2011

Men and Women Can't Be Friends

If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen this video I posted a couple of days ago. If not, enjoy, before I dive in:

Honestly, you only have to watch the first minute to realize that it's true: men and women can't be friends. Without fail, every girl says yes, and every guy says no. It doesn't get much clearer than that, right?

I have a lot of things swirling around in my head about this one. I'm sure had I been interviewed, I would have said yes, just like the rest of the girls. Because I want to be friends with guys, but evidently, it's not gonna happen.

So I guess my only option now is to ask: what now?
If you agree (or if you don't!) that guy and girls can't be friends, what does that mean? How does that change communication and interactions between guys and girls? Should it change?

Does this make you want to watch When Harry Met Sally?
Please chime in with a comment, I'm really interested in what you have to say!

08 December 2011


I'm knee-deep in final papers and studying this week. Thus, I felt like posting some song lyrics. I know, I know, so dramatic.  I blame it on my lack of sleep!

I wanted you to know
that I am ready to go:
Heartbeat, my heartbeat.

I wanted you to know
whenever you are around:
I can't speak, can't speak.

I come around when you least expect me -- 
I'm sittin' at the bar when your glass is empty.
You thinkin' that this song's coming on to tempt me,
I need to be alone like the way you left me. 

All the things that we thought we were losing,
I'm a ghost and you know this, 
that's why we broke up in the first place.

Stupid; so dummy,
Say the wrong thing and wrong girls come running
I'm paranoid that these girls want something from me.

I wanted you to know
that I am ready to go:
Heartbeat, my heartbeat.

I wanted you to know
whenever you are around:
I can't speak, can't speak.

Heartbeat, Childish Gambino (who happens to be Troy, on Community) on his (awesome) premier album, CAMP.

Just so you are aware, if you decide to listen to it, there's some language, and ... risque subject matter. I've been selective with the lyrics here.

See you soon, I hope!

05 December 2011


Friends, let's just say big things are coming.
Or rather, little cute things. Keep your eyes peeled!

04 December 2011

The Best Medicine

Yet again, I am sick. Seems like all I do this semester is get sick!
I figured that you, my friends, are also sick once in a while. For that, I prescribe my favorite medicine: lots and lots of laughter.

How do I propose that you get lots and lots of laughter?


Seriously, if you aren't watching this show, you are truly missing out. Community has a stellar cast including Joel McHale (eye candy, let me tell you!), Chevy Chase, Donald Glover, and Ken Jeong. The show is in its third season, and it has only gotten funnier as time goes by -- and if you are a college student, you will be able to appreciate so many of the absurd situations that they get into.

Community is also a part of a trend that I've noticed on TV. Suddenly, it's really hip and cool to be, well, uncool. Nerds, geeks and people who usually wouldn't fall into the category of 'glamorous' are suddenly the heroes and heroines of primetime. Hallelujah!

Now, my post isn't only because I love watching Community. Sadly, NBC has decided to put Community "on the bench" because of low ratings. So, in a heartening social movement, the show's fans have rallied to support it and let NBC know that the ratings don't reflect how great of a show it really is. And I'm one of those fans.

Here's what some people have been doing to try and support the show:

savecommunity! by Jon Defreest

Chaos Theory Goatee from AOL

If you love the show and want to support it -- you can follow the official twitter account @NBCcommunity or follow some the cast like Joel McHale or Donald Glover (who are both actually really awesome outside of being in Community). Use the hashtags #savecommunity #sixseasonsandamovie or #12seasonsandathemepark to get the show trending!

Alright, alright, I'll leave you alone now. But hey! Watch it!