13 August 2010

Hey Honey: Mauve or Magenta?

In a lot of media sources like TV/Film and radio, there is a stereotype that implies that men (husbands or boyfriends) don't care or are useless when it comes to home decorating.

You've probably seen it on a sitcom or romantic comedy at some point: the woman decorates an entire house without a drip of input from the man. In defense of some fictional women, they don't all steamroll their significant others -- some ask for an opinion only to be met by a disinterested grunt or a placatory "Honey, I'm sure I'll like whatever you choose!"

Evidently, I let the stereotype get into my head, because I recently helped my mother choose new bedding and bathroom accessories for my parents master bedroom suite. I was surprised by my Dad's input -- he had a lot to say about it! Even one of my regular reads blogs is a couple who works on their house together... I guess I had this one coming.

Funny enough, I shouldn't be surprised, because my own boyfriend has plenty of opinions about what does and doesn't look good: from my plans for redecorating my room to what shoes look best. (Sorry, he doesn't do outside consultations. :)

Any stereotypes get the best of you?

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