27 August 2010

The Kickoff!

Wondering what I've been up to lately?
Well, beginning on Tuesday, Intervarsity hosted their annual Pre-fall Conference, where leaders and staff get together to refocus and plan out the vision for the fall semester. We had a great time together as a group, but more importantly, it's obvious that big things will be happening on the campus for God this semester. It's exciting!

On Thursday morning the bunch of us got together and helped Freshman move into various dorms throughout the campus -- people were super thankful and that was great, but we also got to comfort a few freshman who were a little worried about leaving home. I remember that feeling! Now that they have a few friends in us, our chapter of IV can help them build the community that they will need as they go through school. That afternoon, my roommate Jordan and I moved in to our very new dorm room -- after finding out that our previously assigned room had a leak above that led to full bathroom remodel. (Our third roommate Amy moved in this morning!)

Today? Well, a whole lotta nothin'! The rest of my weekend will consist of regular school preparation things like picking up my books (and for my overly-organized-self, printing my class schedule and also writing it in my agenda). Not to mention our bonfire the day before school starts! It should be a great kickoff to an even better year.

Two funny notes:
  • Our new room is wheelchair accessible, because it was the only available room. Meaning that we have a HUGE shower. Cool, right?
  • Our new room also has a tiny set of shelves, which we have decided is perfect for books and toilet paper. I'll have to post a photo. It's fantastic!

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