18 August 2010

Birthday Bash!

Well friends, today I am the big 21!
For me, since I'm not super excited to be able to drink, its not too different from any other birthday, but I love birthdays all the same! Tonight my family and I plan on a delish dinner at Olive Garden (I love that place!). I already got a gift (one of two, I hear!) from my boyfriend -- the pilates ball I have been wanting! I need to improve my posture, and I'm hoping that will help.

But I don't want it to be all about me (even if it is my birthday) so here is a gift for you!

So here's the sitch:

  • The winner of this giveaway will receive their choice of either two (2) ribbon headbands in their choice of color/style from the available options or two (2) rice heating pillows in colors of their choice (as available).
  • To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment, only one entry per person please. Be sure you leave an email so I can contact you if you win!
  • Entries will be counted until 4 pm MST, Friday the 20th of August. Winner will be announced shortly thereafter!
Just as a sneak peek, here are the style options for your headband if you are the winner -- folded or flowered! Color options are Pink, Cream or Black.

For the heating pillows, I'll just take some color suggestions and go from there.

Excited? I hope to have lots of entries!

Here is our winner: Alison!!


  1. So there is no category of comments to leave? Just a comment? (a) was emphasized in that question.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY. On this day in history:
    1986 John Tesh's 1st appearance on Entertainment Tonight

    1981 "My Fair Lady" opens at Uris Theater New York City for 119 performances

    1969 Mick Jagger accidentally shot while filming "Ned Kelly" [Ke$ha is upset about that one.]

    See ya at Sleepoverathon2010 in less than a week!

  2. I want to win! Yes, I may not have very many uses with a ribbon head-band but I am sure my adorable toy poodle would and who would not want a rice thingy.

    I deserve to win because:
    *I am a man who took the time to read a blog
    *I think you are super witty, nice and cool.
    * Also these are my favorite quotes:
    "You may only call me "Mrs. Darcy" when you are completely, perfectly and incandescently happy."
    ..."We are golden!" - Mika (We have so much in common)
    * And these are a few of my favorite movies:Sherlock Holmes & Rio Bravo
    *Also I will share one of my two gifts with someone less fortunate.
    P.S. Happy birthday and you should know that I have never won anything and that I changed all of my favorite things to match your facebook profile and that should mean a lot! (I also almost e-mailed your mother to try and convince you but decided that was crossing a line)

  3. I will gladly enter.
    I can't think of any creative-type reasons why I should win. I almost said that, as I'll be living near you I could easily make your life annoying with constant knocking/running away, but I don't want to make such a weak threat on your birthday.
    Happy birthday, incidentally! I'm not leaving my email address because I am confident you can get ahold of me without it.

  4. Thanks to you three for your entries thus far, but I think I should respond to clarify real quickly that I will not be choooooosing a winner persay. Random.org will! :)

  5. oh perfect, i am entering after you clarified that the winner will be chosen at random :}
    seriously, the thought of leaving a comment worthy of winning a contest was giving me anxiety!
    so here's my entry info:
    Jennifer Marie Rice

    ps: good choice for your birthday dinner (the 'rents took me to Olive Garden for my 21st as well)

  6. This is my comment.

    But since everyone else seems to have gone all out, this is why I should win:

    1. Once you move back to Flagstaff, I'll know where you sleep at night.

    I think I've made my point.