05 September 2011

"The Ultimate Questions"

The first week of school in 5 words:

What a list, right? It's been a great week, and I can already see some hints of how the rest of the semester and year will pan out. But I can also see the difficulties that I will face in my own growth and in relationships with others.

This is my last year here at school (!?!!) and I have been reminded all summer long of the urgency that being a senior represents. I only have so much time to do the things that God is calling me to, and even as that is encouraging, I can sense the fatal idea behind it. If I don't do what I need to do, what God needs me to do, in this year, what serious consequences will come of it?

Today, I was reminded of why I'm here, in both a physical and spiritual sense.

In the first chapter of my Psychology 101 book, which introduces what psychology is, and how and why it's studied, the author tells you not to be concerned with psychology answering 'the ultimate questions' of life, as asked by Tolstoy:
"Why should I live? Why should I do anything? Is there in life any purpose which the inevitable death that awaits me does not undo and destroy?"

And you know what? I'm alright with psychology not trying to answer that question because I already know.
God created me with a purpose. He loves me and I can see that everywhere in my life, and I know that it will never be undone or destroyed by death.

Sometimes, encouragement comes from the most unexpected places.

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