14 April 2012

Photos of the Week: Swag

So, realistically, that word is so misused and overused and just plain ridiculous that I hate it, but, it's kinda funny in an ironic sort of way. We heard it a lot, when my roommate Jordan and I went to see Childish Gambino in concert for her birthday! It was AWESOME. In all caps, because that's how awesome it was.

We will definitely try and see him again. He put on a stellar show.
Seen any sweet shows lately? 


  1. Milk Carton Kids. They were great. Andrew Bird on Friday.

  2. Ah yeah, I have some friends going to see him too -- and I heard Laura Marling is opening, so that should be good!

  3. Woooo Laura Marling and Andrew Bird!!!!

  4. First, lovely blog! Second, I haven't. :( But that show looks like it rocked! :)