15 October 2010

Teaching: Writing Your Bio

(or, How Not to Sound Like You Totally Think You're Awesome-sauce.)

In the very near future, I'll be a guest blogger on one of my favorite blogs. During my correspondence with the blogger, everything was simple and straightforward (and so nice!).

However, one little tidbit stopped me in my tracks: "... and include a short bio..." -- WHAT?!

Though I can write about things I've experienced and created without any issue, actually writing something about myself to give other people a taste of what I'm like is downright scary! If you are like me, even telling a classroom or meeting full of people about your favorite flavor of ice cream can be a little scary. And not only was I scared, but I was unsure: How do I write a bio that is short, succinct and maybe a little funny?

I procrastinated, wrote a little and then did some googling. Now, you can do that, or just read on! Here's 3 easy tips for writing a blip about yourself.

Be Honest: If your blog is a series of funny videos or webcomics, say that. Don't say that you "dally in intellectual ambiguities" or "debate the coherence of organic and gourmet foods". People will find out what you're really about, so sugar coating your blog (or yourself!) won't really trick anyone into reading for the long haul.

Write in 3rd-Person: It makes talking about how awesome you are seem less obnoxious. Most bios are written in 3rd person anyway, so you'll be catering to readers' notions of what a bio should be like.

Just do it! This seems kind of obvious, but waiting didn't make it any better. I just needed to get it down. So don't fuss over it -- write it, proofread, proofread again and then be done!

If you want some more resources for writing a great bio, I thought that the info from Chris Brogan was great, as well as Urban Muse's post on the subject.

Oh, you wanted to see mine? Here it is:
Stephanie is a third year college student, splitting her time between her laptop and sewing machine (and of course school and work!). When she’s not planning another do-it-yourself project, she catches up on what's new in the blog-world and regales readers with her latest creations and revelations via Real Fine Place. If you like clever projects, innovation and authenticity, she would love to meet you.

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