27 February 2011

Playing Favorites

As you might have gathered, for example in my "Who's Who" post, I'm not a fan of things being ranked or valued over other things.

However, I'm here to admit that I have been playing favorites. I have some favorite bible verses. Ha-cha-cha!

So obviously, having favorite bible verses isn't really a bad thing, right? So I thought I would round up a few of my favorites and share them with you. You never know, they might be just what you needed right now! It always seems that way with me.

Romans 12:12
"Be happy in your confidence, be patient in trouble, and pray continually."
All around just pretty good advice right? A lot of chapter 12 of Romans is simple truths like this.

Proverbs 31:20
"She opens her hands to oppressed people and stretches them out to needy people."
I love this verse, of course, since it's mentioned in my post about the vision God has for me!

Romans 1: 11-12
"I long to see you to share a spiritual blessing with you so that you will be strengthened. What I mean is that we may be encouraged by each other's faith."
My best friend sent me a text that only said "romans1 11-12" on a crazy day a couple of weeks ago, and that night when I got around to reading it, I was blown away. Having that kind of support is great and exactly what God expects from people who love him.

That's all I've got for now. Do you have a favorite, or even goofy verse that always comes to mind for you? Leave a comment! Who knows who might benefit from it!

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