24 January 2012


Maybe you've heard, but Pinterest is the best new thing on the internet. I know, you probably have heard of it, but on a regular basis, I meet people who haven't, so if you are one of those people: you are welcome!

Pinterest is essentially a corkboard for the internet. You know all those great things you have pinned on your wall: postcards, cleaning tips, ideas for decorating your room, photos of your favorite healthy celebrity? Well, now you can have it all in one lovely aesthetic pleasing website. Plus, each pin has the ability to link back to its origin, so you never have to face that awful: "Well, here's the pillows I wanted to buy, but where did I find them?" dilemma ever again.

While Pinterest is all of those things, it's more than that, too. My boards range from home decor inspiration to sewing projects to beautiful and inspiring images from around the world. You aren't restricted by anything but your own curiosity (and perhaps your job, relationships and free time -- it can take over!). As well, you are able to see what the rest of the web has pinned. Looking for a red poster? Search it, and you'll find practically ever red poster ever printed.

While it's mostly fun and games, it has also been populated by a lot of really great and inspiring images and stories, that serve to motivate and encourage. So yes, the internet has it's faults, but you aren't gonna find too many of them in practice here.

Sign up and follow my boards! I hope to see you!

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