23 December 2009

Things I Learned - College Basketball

So tonight, we got some tickets from a friend to go to a college basketball game. We're big fans of the game in my house, so it was a definite bonus! Though I had been to an NBA game when I was probably less than 10, I didn't have much memory of what it was like to actually be in the arena for the whole experience. It was an exciting game, and we pulled off the win.

Here's what I learned tonight about college basketball:

1. Some fans are really, really passionate about 'fairness'. You better call the foul on our player, but if we foul them? Eh... you know...
2. Watching all of the press' camera lenses follow the action is almost as fun as the game.
3. There are people in this world who easily redefine the accepted meanings of 'tall'. (Check out 14! He's 7'1"... I didn't think people got that tall!)
4. I would never make it as a cheerleader; too tall, too pale, too lazy!
5. Star basketball players should stick to their day jobs, and probably shouldn't sing christmas carols. :)

Are you as basketball fan? Favorite team?
(And in case you didn't know... It's Christmas Eve!)

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