16 February 2010

"Bonjour, Je m'appelle..."

Sorry for a brief hiatus there - you always hope that the semester will start to settle down, and then you have your first round of tests! Killer.

I figured a good way to break the proverbial silence would be to give you a peek at what I've been up to lately. You may find it interesting, you may beg for mercy - I don't judge. (I think I'm just so cheeky, don't I!)

I'll begin with the title, so that you aren't thinking that it's just random.... I would never do that... maybe. I just enrolled in another class (because I have a death wish) and it's a 399, or 300 level special topic. It's French, and I'm actually part of a language learning project in which we are corresponding with students from a French University and actually using all of the gibberish we learn in class. (That was mean, it's not gibberish. I quite enjoy French!) So, I suppose I will challenge myself to translate this paragraph into French -- native French-speakers, I apologize!

Je serai commence avec le titre, alors que vous ne pensez pas que c'etait bizarre.... Je serai ne jamais faire ca... peut-etre. J'ai enrollé dans un autre classe (parce que je souhaite a mourir!) et c'est un 399, ou 300 classe topics speciaux. C'est le francais et je suis un partie d'un projet de apprend les langues dans quel nous sommes utilise tous le nonsense nous avons appris dans classe. (Que c'est mechant, ce n'est pas nonsense. J'aime francais!)

Bad, good? I guess we'll never know.

I've had a few tests, started my "Creative Non-Fiction" class, which is wonderful and my teacher is a blast, though I think slightly crazy. Although I should differentiate, I've begun to notice that all English teachers are off their respective rockers. My first writing assignment ended up being about a deer. A completely awesome crazy deer. Maybe I'll put it up sometime.

I've had my first interview to be a Resident Assistant at school next year, and I have my second interview (thank you Jesus!) tomorrow. Hopefully that works out, because it would be nice to be able to take some monetary responsibility of my parents' shoulders. Woo free room and board!

I'm also applying to be a Kayette. Their motto is "Spirit, Service, Smile!" which means that they do a lot of volunteering and that is totally what I am into. I should do a post about that.... another day!

I promise after this long and rambling post has been read by you (how kind) that I shall soon return with photos for you to peruse at your own leisurely pace as opposed to my chatter.

How has your week been? Busy, lazy, boring, dramatic? Fill me in.

(Hope it gets better from here on out, no matter how good it's been so far!)

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