18 February 2010

Stuck in My Head: Guy Sebastian & Jordin Sparks

If we are anything alike, every now and then, you will hear a song.
It's pretty good, so you listen again. Now you really want to get the lyrics, so you listen again.
Pretty soon you are on repeat number 236 and you have every word and vibratto memorized.

I do that a lot. Part of it is how I learn (I find that I can memorize things (especially songs) very easily after hearing them a few times) and another is that some songs are just too good.

This song, performed by Guy Sebastian and Jordin Sparks is definitely one of those. Sure, I'm in love with the sound of the song itself, but the lyrics are golden.

Here is a link to the video, on youtube: "Art of Love". You should go listen to it.

I've found a new level of appreciation for communication recently, and this song is just encouraging open communication. Talking it out is so important in a relationship; with your friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend, and with God.

Have a song stuck in your head? Fill me in. I would love to hear it! :)

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