08 February 2010

I DIY: Valentine's Door

Since the day is getting closer (oy! It's this weekend, isn't it!?) I put together a little door decor for our dorm room. I saw a picture of a deer on something, maybe on facebook... and thus the inspiration hit me.

You may not think that deer are very romantic, but they are very sweet and lend themselves to punny valentine's poems, such as; "You are deer to my heart" or the like. And baby deer are just ADORABLE! Goodness. There's a deer farm nearby, and I think I need to make a trip.

As far as the technical side of this goes, I looked up deer photos online, sketched it out till I got a good silhouette and then cut away. I gave them some foliage to enjoy, since I live in the north now. Cactus are even less romantic than pines!

The words were in fact the most difficult part. Construction paper is not the ideal medium for precise x-acto knife usage. It's actually in two pieces because it accidentally ripped! Don't tell anyone, it's a secret.

Anywho, hope you like it, and feel free to quiz me on any more specifics, dears.

(Gotcha. Bahahah!)

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