19 June 2010

True Colors

Noticed the change around here? While I would like to say it will be permanent, you might have also noticed I like to change the look relatively often.

If you are also a blogspot blogger, then you too have seen this new development to the blogspot world. For those of you who aren't, Blogger just introduced a new feature called 'Template Designer'. It's pretty exciting.

Though Blogger has always allowed a its users to alter the look of their blog, this new option includes pre-created and very polished options, which can be tweaked by the user in many ways, colors, background photos, and size of various elements, to name a few.

I'm a sucker for good design and nice color combinations, so I spent about an hour looking through my options and settled (for the time being!) on what you are looking at right now.

So how do you feel about it? If you use Blogger, have you played with the new feature? If you aren't, are you likin' the new look?

As usual, it's time for the French Phrase of the Day!
(Insert trumpet fanfare here.)

Today our phrase is related to yesterday's je ne sais pas.
A favorite saying of Christelle's is "We never know!" and the French equivalent is: On sais jamais! This is pronounced as: ohn say jahmay. The 'n' is nasal and the 'j' is like yesterday as well, very soft.
There you are!

A bientot!

I hate that song that I used for the title of this post. It ranks up there with Kumbayah... ugh!

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