20 July 2010

Home Again, Pt. 4

When I last wrote about my saga of international flight misadventures, I had finished a vaguely confusing day in my Paris hotel room and fallen asleep.

Being the over-planner that I am, I set about 7 alarms on my iPod (since my phone doesn't work internationally), but they ended up being a waste, since I woke up every hour on the hour starting at four. I got out of bed at seven and took my time getting ready, since I didn't need to be to my gate until 9:30.

After buying a pen and my final pain au chocolat, I returned to my room and had to take the elevator three times to get to the lobby (it was only partly my fault...) where I returned my key and headed back into the station.

From this point on my trip went almost completely as planned -- sans one small adventure during the security checkpoint! After setting all my belongings into the bins and waiting my turn, the metal detector beeped as I walked through it. The security attendant waved me to the side and patted me down -- I wasn't wearing any metal, save a necklace! After deciding that she didn't notice anything, she was handed a metal detecting wand, and when she waved that over my limbs, it beeped like crazy on my knees! After asking if I had prosthetics, she shrugged and waved me on. Safe, right?

I arrived safely in Charlotte after a very pleasant flight seated between a French girl headed to AZ and an anthropologist who incidentally came to France on the same flight as me. As a side note, during this flight I watched the films When In Rome, Couples Retreat, What Happens In Vegas and the biopic Temple Grandin, which was fantastic. More about that in another post.

I arrived home to a warm welcome from my parents and my handsome boyfriend and we headed home, with a well-needed stop for Mexican food on the way.

All's well that ends well, eh?

Here's to hoping you have some wild stories for me to hear about! Any trips planned for the rest of your summer?


  1. gee whiz, four in-flight movies?
    Did you get to do those exercises to keep from getting blood clots in your legs?

  2. Yes! A nine hour flight allows for such movie-gluttony. I did miss the final 15 minutes of What Happens In Vegas though.

    I didn't exercise, in fact, I only got up once during the flight... Probably unhealthy...