28 July 2010

Photo of the Week: Monsoon

Well, it's monsoon season (which implies thunderstorms that build up and then break loose around the afternoon nearly everyday in July -- often causing flashfloods!), which means the weather consists of three options: hot, steamy or soaked. My favorite time of the year. So here are the highlights from my recent adventures with the monsoons. Hope your summer is treating you as well as mine is treating me!

Though it just looks like I took a bad picture, I was sort of trying to convey the fact that we had lost power. Just tryin' to have a sleepover and then boom! No power.

On my way home, the sky was almost split right in half. One half with clouds of DOOM and the other half with nice cheery blue and white. Average.

Oh, and this is a Colorado River Toad. Which doesn't necessarily come from the CO river, but here he is. They show up after a good storm. They are also poisonous to any pet that tries to eat them! Some sort of mucus. Nice, right?

What's up with you? Keepin' a little cool? I've got some great posts coming your way soon!

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