24 December 2010

Conviction: Nourish

As usual, I would like to wrap up the week with a post that will detail some ideas of how you and I can help.

Hunger is something that affects every single nation, race and culture, so the ways that you can help alleviate hunger are widely varied and unique. You have a lot of options in how you would like to help!

If you want to help the person next door, look up a local food bank or shelter:
Feeding America
Food Pantries
Homeless Shelters
Rescue Missions

If you want to sponsor a child:
Sponsor with World Vision (like me)
Sponsor with Compassion (like my parents)
or just give money where it is needed most. (Or these cute goats!)

Feeling a little stressed by all my suggestions? It's okay. It's a lot to take in at once.

For now, one request: join me at Free Rice, and let's make a team with a purpose.
Join up and get ricing! :) I don't think that's an actual verb, but whatever. It's Christmas Eve, after all.

Have fun!

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