02 December 2010

Conviction: Road Map

I've always liked the analogy of a relationship as a journey or a road trip, if you will. It works well, really: as on a road trip, in a relationship you make decisions that will influence where you end up. Who you are (what sort of car you are in) will determine how you will make those decisions and how you will get to your destination. The changes you make to yourself (maintenance and repairs) are also essential to arriving successfully.

Looking back on my own map, I have made a lot of choices that have brought me where I am, and the biggest one was giving up all control of my future to God. Now, this is not to say that I expect to have a career fall into my lap feeding babies in the Congo, but instead that I'm not going to obsess about it (I have a tendency...) and that I'm going to do what he wants, what will glorify him.

In the last year, I applied for leadership in Intervarsity, attended a week-long camp and a pre-semester training conference, a fall semester conference as well as numerous mentoring sessions and leadership meetings. Things that I have discussed in these meetings and experiences -- my relationships, my goals in life, my plans after college, what I think of serving others -- all of them are shaping my future. And everything in the first sentence led to all of that.

One of the biggest changes in myself has been my viewpoint on service. Personally, I love service, and everything that it means. But I didn't know everything that it meant until pretty recently, because I associated service and serving people only with 'community service' and 'service projects'. This isn't bad, because I still loved serving and sharing my time with people in need. But in the past year, my definition of 'people in need' has stretched to include not just the homeless, or people living paycheck to paycheck, or people with HIV/AIDS. Now, my definition includes anyone and everyone on this planet. It wasn't so much that I hated other people before, but now, I want to serve everyone from my roommates to my boss. It's a big deal!

If God loves everyone and wants everyone to love him and live under his blessings, doesn't it make sense that we should love everyone too?

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