21 January 2010

I DIY: Valentine's Garland

I know that it's very early to be working on anything for Valentine's Day, but I have a tendency to leave things to the last minute. So this is the perfect way to go about it!

I've been perusing anything I can find in blogs and on Martha's lovely website for ideas and other things (and there will definitely be some more Valentine's themed posts coming!) but thus far I've only done a couple of things.

One of the cutest ideas that I found comes from another blog, Oh So Crafty, and although I couldn't find the link when I wanted to do it, I think my version worked well!

You can head over to Oh So Crafty for the instructions, but I'll fill you in on my few modifications.

I don't own a heart-shaped punch, so I just grabbed the nearest magazine and pulled out my X-acto knife. It worked well, although I did end up with a few wonky hearts!

I sewed my hearts vertically instead of horizontally, because I ended up hanging some of them next to our bathroom mirror. It's like love for your face while you get ready in the morning!

And my advice on the how to make it work is go SLOW. I turned my machine to big stitches and took it really slow. I also had my hearts lined up in an order I liked so I could just pick one up and put it under the foot when it was time. Slow and steady wins the race for this project, for sure.

You'll see more of these later, that's for sure!

Any great ideas for decor so far?

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