15 January 2010

Tasty Memories

So I'm back at school now. Yay...?!

Actually, I do enjoy classes and hanging out with all my friends here so it isn't that bad. Unfortunately, since I have to go to class and do homework and such, posting this week has been rather light. So all I have for you at the moment is a suggestion and a story.

Since I've moved back to some colder weather, I've been having a hot drink for breakfast, and little did I know that a cup of hot cider would conjure up such vivid memories!

My family used to go camping almost every summer in the mountains. On cold nights we would get out our little plastic mugs (my favorite ones were brown with little mushrooms on them) and have our hot cocoa or cider.

My mug isn't quite the same (you can get your own at anthropologie - I'd never even been in the store before!) but the smell and the taste and the happiness are just like camping.

My suggestion? Get yourself some cider, a cute mug and get happy!

(More posts coming soon. :)

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