09 November 2010

Dorm Decor: All The Leaves Are...

Orange? Well, at least the door is brown, in any case. Ready for some "door dec" as they RA's like to call it? Since the nameplates that our RA so lovingly created for us had continued to fall off everytime the door opened, I decided it was high time to create new decorations for our lovely door.

Having some real fall leaves for inspiration, I went to work with my X-acto and cut out some leaf sillhouettes. I had intentions to use to the cut outs first of all, but I liked the shapes left behind enough that I decided to use them instead. Thus:

Voila! Sweet leaf cutouts, each with a simply penned initial for each of us (mine of course is Stephanie, also, Amy and Jordan -- they're great) and taped on up.

But I couldn't leave the original inspired pieces to be thrown in the trash, that just wouldn't be right. So, after rubbing the edges with the same green marker that I used for the initials, I bunched up a scrap of tulle (from this project!) and strung it all together with a brad. (Bonus fact: brad, en francais is attaches parisiennes.)

Pretty cute, I think. And they only took about 30 minutes, start to finish. Not to mention they are easy to change prior to cutting, I made a lot of sketches on the back before I cut, but you can't see the back so no one has to know! Well... other than all of you.

Share a fun paper project with me! I love crafty cutting.

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