06 November 2010

Homebody: Trinkets

The first "finished" section of my bedroom redux is the wall you enter through! Through the door that is, I assume people aren't just whisking themselves through my walls. (Sir Nicholas?)

I'm particularly fond of this step, as nearly all of the items are hand-me-downs or neat things I've picked up in the past. I actually didn't buy anything expressly to put on these shelves! There isn't a whole lot of instruction on this, I just moved things around until I liked where they were.
That definitely applies on this first shelf, with a couple of the books on their sides. They were so much larger than the rest that they just looked silly. Solution? Knock 'em down! The armadillo-pig is a piggy bank, and it's next to a bell from Switzerland and my grandmother's baby photo.
This shelf may have a little more on it as I continue to redo my room, but don't you just love that fish? It has a slot in it, so it's anyone's guess as to what it is. I love it. The little pigs are salt and pepper shakers. My grandma loved pigs.
And this top shelf at the moment is rather uninspiring, but I'll be getting something to put in those bud vases eventually. If you like them, they came from Pottery Barn! The sea shells are there from various trips as well.

Bonus shelf! This is the top of my desk, which is still a bit cluttered, but I can't live without that carved wooden colt and the white horse bottle. Great stuff.

So, what do you think of my progress so far? I know, there isn't a photo of the whole wall, which is embarrassing, but hopefully I can put that up after I get something in those bud vases. Give me some comments on progress or ideas!

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