07 November 2010

Halloween 2010: Presto Change-o

I think we've established that I have a deep and enduring love for costumes, right? In light of that, is it really that surprising that I should have two this year? I know. Out of control!

Anyway, in my desire to avoid ruining the surprise of my original costume, and since I'm attending two parties, my roommates and I have come up with another fun but not too complicated idea.

Thus, the muses were born. (Actually, I'm pretty sure there is some myth that relates to their birth, but I don't remember nor do I feel like wikipedia-ing at the moment. Check yourself, eh? Report back.) If you loved the classic Disney films, then Hercules probably was a favorite of yours, and those lovely, toga-clad Muses narrate his story. They are sassy and harmonious, and we knew that was our costume!

So here we are, in all our narrative glory!

Here is the breakdown to do it yourself -- we kept it cheap!
  • Full or queen-size flat sheet (mine came from Saver's!)
  • Metallic belt or ribbon (Dollar bin at Michael's!)
  • Metallic hair accessory (99 cent christmas decor, sewn onto a headband!)

Depending on the weather where you are, you can vary what you wear beneath your toga. We wore leggings and tank tops since it was rather chilly! I wore it again on Halloween night with jeans under it, so it's flexible in that way. But please, do wear something under it.

  • Wrap your toga (I'll post my methods of wrapping another time, but there are plenty of videos to instruct you on the internet) and secure with safety pins.
  • Tie your ribbon or fasten your belt in place.
  • Place your hair accessories, and in our case, spray with gold glitter hairspray. It gets everywhere!


How do you like them? Have any easy but cute costumes you wouldn't mind sharing? Comment and fill us in!

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