16 November 2010

It's What's for Dinner.

No, not beef, although I do have a healthy and abiding love for it.

Am I the only one missing the meat around here? I know since I'm the author of this here blog, I'm the only one responsible, but I thought I would bring it up.

I'm feeling a little under-nourished, that my posts have been a little shallow.
But you know? It happens. October was a busy month for me, and I had a lot of Halloween posts set up for publishing, so I didn't do as many spontaneous postings, which are usually my favorites. (Are they yours? Or do you find my ramblings less interesting?)

So with that understanding, I'm hoping to get back a little more to what RFP is all about: growth.

I hope to return soon with some interesting posts, and I hope you are here to read! Please let me know if there is anything you want to know about or see my opinions on (though I admit I am an expert on almost nothing. But I love conversation!)

Leave a comment and feel free to heckle!

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