04 November 2011


Have you ever noticed that once in a while, life is so poetic it's almost painful to experience it?

There are so many moments in writing and in film that are so perfectly put together. It's fiction, right? Fantasy? So these things are allowable. You know how it is, don't you?

The band of bedraggled and nearly beaten warriors crests a hill as the sun rises, and sees their destination just ahead.
The couple who has crossed paths time and time again but never met suddenly crash into each other while looking stunning, and they instantly realize their soul mates.

It's a nice idea, sure, I'll give you that. But it's not real.

Or at least it isn't most of the time.
Because once in a while, as you sit at your cozy desk, with the warm light of the lamp across your page, someone will tell you something you were hoping you wouldn't have to hear. It will start to rain.
And it's just a little too cinematic to seem fair.

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