12 September 2010

Halloween 2010

Though I love Thankgiving, Christmas and Easter as much as anyone else, I never ever have as much fun on those days as I do on Halloween. Halloween is tied with Thanksgiving for the infamous "Favorite Holiday" spot -- and that's only because no one has served me turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes on Halloween yet!

For the past two years, I've thrown a pretty casual Halloween party at my house, with the only condition to the invitees being that they must wear a costume (and have fun!). My costume is always a secret; the first year I chopped my hair into pixie cut the day of the party and went as Edie Sedgewick, last year I was Amelia Earhart with a (p)leather jacket and penny loafers. This year... well, you'll just have to find out!

In any case, with only 49 days left until the holiday arrives, it's time to kick costuming and party plans into high gear!

While I get to work on brain cupcakes, spooky lanterns and a sweet get-up, I'll also post inspirational costumes from the web, photos of my past costume successes, recipes and DIY ideas for you try. Here's one to whet your appetite:

This, my friends, is a disco ball costume, by user atozfriendly on Instructables (this photo is property of atozfriendly, and it's awesome.)

Excited yet? I am. So fill me in on any cool costumes or H-ween things you've done before, and let me know if there is anything you wanna see!

P.S.: Have you ever thought about the word brainstorm as a noun? Weird, eh?


  1. Halloween is one of my favorites too, and I'll keep checking back for DIY. I'm already working on my costume this year. We are going as King Kong. Actually my one-year-old will be King Kong. My boyfriend will be the Empire State Building (very fitting since he is 6' 10" and I'm going as Fay Ray. Hoping this actually works...

  2. Oh, I love the idea of a baby King Kong -- the irony is too much! Sounds like quite the construction project!

  3. ohhhh fancy,
    i love your blog to pieces!
    its just grand!

  4. Why thank you Lauren! :) Keep coming back and I'll have more Halloween posts for you to enjoy.