25 September 2010

Obsession: Dainty Rings

While I'm well aware that I may be the last person to jump on this band wagon, I just thought you all should know I'm obsessed with delicate jewelry, and especially rings.

"But, where would I find rings like that, Stephanie?" You may in fact be asking. Fear not! I have corralled some beautiful rings for you to enjoy (and maybe buy, the prices aren't bad either!)

For the kind of girl whose favorite outfit is jeans, a cute top and a favorite pair of shoes, this most simple band from favorJewelry is perfect:

For the girly-girl (the kind who loves headbands and matches her shoes to her belt?) this set of three with an itty-bitty heart from etsy seller GoldenSilver is ideal: (that set might be on my personal wishlist...)

Oh, you like the heart? Well you can also snag a more delicate heart, your initial or any combination of letters you like on these rings from catbird. They have some gorgeous stuff.

Does it make you a glam-hippie if you are in love with these reclaimed gold rings from beyondtherockz? Is that a bad thing?

I couldn't resist people. I just love rings -- something I inherited from my Grandma. She had good taste. Anything pretty caught your eye lately? Tell me so I can drool in my (internet) window shopping!
(all images copyright to the owners, linked above each image here! i ain't no thief!)

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