02 September 2010

100 in 2010: Progress Three!

Here we are again with a check-in on the list! I feel like I'm starting to run out of time -- it's almost September already and I've got a lot more left to do on my list! In any case, here's what I've accomplished since my last progress report!

I can now check #3 off my list, the amiable "bake a layer cake"! Though my layer cake was quite small, it was a true layer cake and tasted wonderful! Here's a photo as proof:

The especially fun #29 is done. After going to Intervarsity's Chapter Camp at the beginning of the summer, I can happily say I have quite a few new friends to my name, and some really great ones to boot! This one seemed a little frivolous, but it's easy to only hang out with a few friends and never talk to other people and I wanted to be sure I didn't do that. Done!

I think I can say that #34 is finished as well, in our outreach to the campus, I was just getting out there and talking to people: asking them if they needed or wanted our help moving in, and talking to them about God. It was a really cool experience!

Jordan L and I kicked off our 21st year with a bang, fulfilling #52 with a Masquerade Party! Though it was in some ways a birthday party, I'll count it as a theme-for-no-reason party, since it was between our two birthdays. Here's a bit of our decor!

Incidentally, I have knocked out #62 while helping freshman move in last week! Asking random families and students if they wanted my help moving their student into their first dorm room would definitely fill the "help a stranger" box. Not to mention being a ton of fun!

Not too bad right? I've still got a lot to do, but it feels good to check a few off. Any goals fulfilled in your neck of the woods?

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(P.S. Boop... This post is coming to you robotically! Since it's the first week of school, I wrote a couple posts early, so that just in case I was too busy, you would still have something to read! ...Beep.)

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